About Me

Courtney Cameron DVN

Hello! I am Courtney, a qualified Veterinary Nurse of 14 years with a huge love for cats.

I am married and have two gorgeous wee boys, Lincoln and Zeke, who are aged 4 and 2.

I have previously worked in small animal clinics in both London and Auckland. I worked at The Auckland Cat Clinic in Mount Eden prior to relocating to London, and whilst living in London, I was the surgical nurse at Kitten to Cat, Londons only cat only clinic. 

We have 2 furbabies, Lennox and Leila.



Lennox is a 1 year old DSH Ginger and White Tabby. She was found living underneath the deck of a West Auckland flat by the occupants and they called Feline Fanatics seeking help. She was found to be underweight however, she was in very good health, well socialised and house trained. Lennox and I quickly formed a lovely bond and the decision was made to welcome her in to our little family as her forever home. She now rules our household and has us wrapped around her little paws!

Leila is an 8 month old Bi-colour Ragdoll. She was found living it rough in a barn up north along with her brother and was taken to a local animal shelter. She had a severe case of cat flu and lost her right eye as a result of the infection. With loads of interest being shown to adopt her brother, I felt I was the right person to offer this wee girl a home. She joined our family just before lockdown and after a few trips to the vet to sort her eye infection, vacinations, spey and microchip, she has blossomed in to a very energetic, loving ball of fluff!

I have 2 other cats, Tobias and Jed, both aged 14 years, whom I acquired during my Veterinary Nursing training. They reside with my parents and are waited on hand and foot.

I am a fully confessed cat lover and believe cats should be provided only the best of care when their families and loved ones are away from home. As they are home bodies who enjoy human company (sometimes on their own terms!) and can be easily spooked by new surroundings or sudden change, I am a great supporter of in-home pet care.

I would love to get to know your feline friend and provide the best possible care for them while you are away.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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