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Cat sitting services provided to you by a qualified, professional, self confessed cat lover. 

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Feeding & Home Visits

I am a firm believer in keeping a cats daily routine as normal as possible when the owner goes away. This helps to prevent any unnecessary stress or anxiety due to change.

Feline Fanatics offer the following services:

There are no extra costs for multi cat households (up to 6 cats) or bookings that fall on public holidays.

Mileage fees additional - please refer to service areas below


In-home Cat Feeding

1x Daily Visit   $24.00

( Morning / Afternoon / Evening )


2x Daily Visits   $36.00

( Morning & Evening )

Additional Visit Duration   $10.00

( >30 Minutes )

Additional Pets   $10.00

( Fish / Exotics / Reptiles )

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration  $15.00

( Per Dose )

Above visits include:

Washing Food & Water Bowls

Feeding & Replacing Water

Scooping or Changing Litter Trays



LOTS of Pats, Love & Cuddles!

If you are a new client requesting our services for the first time, a meet and greet visit (no charge) will be arranged prior to your first booking. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for more information.

Home Visits

As a qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurse, I am able to assist you with your cats health

care in your own home. 

Home Visit - Veterinary Nurse   $45.00

Medical supplies, product costs and mileage fees additional

Services Offered

Medicating ( Oral / Topical / Injectable )

 Administering Subcutaneous Fluids

De-flea or Worming Treatment


Nail Clipping

Suture Removal ( Post Operative )

Grooming & Medicating

Regardless of your cats age, breed or mannerisms, I am able to groom and/or medicate your cat(s) as required. I am able to administer oral, topical or injectable medications.

Should your cat become unwell in your absence, contact will be made with your regular Veterinary clinic for an appointment. I will make contact with you straight away to advise of this and to discuss your cats health so that the best possible care can be provided.

Household Care

Your peace of mind is very important during the time you spend away.

Your home will be treated as if it were my own. I am more than happy to carry out additional errands around your home to ensure it appears occupied in your absence.

Additional Errands:

Collecting Mail

Watering Indoor or Outdoor Plants

Placing Rubbish and/or Recycling Bins On The Curb

Opening & Closing Blinds/Curtains

Turning Lights On/Off

Please Note

There are no extra costs for errands listed above. It is all part of the service.

Service Areas & Surcharges

Feline Fanatics can cater to all West Auckland suburbs and selected Central Auckland suburbs.

Mileage fees may apply.

Postal Codes

West Auckland:

0600 0602 0604 0610 0612 1026 

No Mileage Fees

Inner West Auckland:

0614 0618

$5.00 Mileage Fee / Visit

Outer West Auckland:

0772 0781

$9.00 Mileage Fee / Visit

Rural West Auckland:

0782 0810 0812 0814 0820 0881 0883 0891 0892

$8.00 Mileage Fee / Visit

Central Auckland:

1010 1011 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1041 1042

$6.00 Mileage Fee / Visit


Prices listed above are to be used as a guide only.

Actual mileage fees will be calculated individually upon registering your details with us.


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Afternoon Visits: 12.00pm - 3.00pm (Sat & Sun ONLY)

Evening Visits: 5.00pm - 8.00pm (Mon - Sun)

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